Summary: Providence…is what’s meant to be. 
A/N: This is the sequel to “When Fall Comes to New England,” which is available both on my website and on CABB. Some familiarity with the events in the story is assumed. My thanks to Carole W and LauraG for their editing and brainstorming, and the ladies of the Thursday Night Club for their enthusiasm and friendship.

Chapter 35: The Heart Finds Its Morning (PG-13)
Chapter 36: The Subtle Electric Fire (PG)
Chapter 37: In the Night, a Shaft of Fire (mild R)
Chapter 38: Half the World and the Broken Sea (PG-13)
Chapter 39: Exposed on the Cliffs of the Heart (PG)
Chapter 40: Found at Last in Meeting Eyes (PG)
Chapter 41: With One Key, One Door Closed to Shadow (PG)
Chapter 42: Most Quiet Need, by Sun and Candlelight (PG)
Chapter 43: A Path of Yellow Moonlight (PG-13)
Chapter 44: My Sea to Your Shore (PG-13)
Chapter 45: The Calm You Seek (PG) 
Chapter 46: A Star to Every Wand'ring Barque (PG-13) 
Chapter 47: The Cross of Your Arms (PG-13) 
Chapter 48: And Wilderness Was Paradise Enow (PG) 
Chapter 49: And in Your Life, My Infinite Dreams Live (PG) 
Chapter 50: To Fly Towards a Secret Sky (PG) 
Chapter 51: And Falling, They're Given Wings (PG)
Chapter 52: All the World to Me (PG)
Chapter 53: And So You, Bread and Light and Shadow Are (PG-13) 
Chapter 54: The Door There is Devastation (PG) 
Chapter 55: That Looks on Tempests and Is Never Shaken (PG) 
Chapter 56: May the Clay Dance to Balance You (PG-13) 
Chapter 57: The Endless Delight of You and I (PG) 
Chapter 58: Roots and Wings (PG-13) 
Chapter 59: Towards Those Isles of Yours (PG) 
Chapter 60: Things Seen and Unseen (PG) 
Chapter 61: In Like a Lion (PG-13) 
Chapter 62: The Silver Link, the Silken Tie (soft R, probably NSFW)
Chapter 63: The Flames of Twilight Fought On (PG)
Chapter 64: As Time Remains Free of All That It Frames (PG)
Chapter 65: And Spoke in a Hundred Silent Ways (PG) 
Chapter 66: Though the Hills Be Held Shadows (PG) 
Chapter 67: The Astonishing Light of Your Own Being (PG-13) 
Chapter 68: Above All Shadows Rides the Sun (PG)

Chapter 68 marks the end of "Providence." It's been long journey since September of 2010 (!!) but rest assured, there are always more stories, and I do have a sequel in mind. ;-)

This story would not have been possible without the following people: Carole W and Laura G, for their eagle-eyes, mentoring, friendship and editing; the ladies of the Everything group for their constant friendship and belief; my husband and daughter for not once batting an eyelash at my never-ending story; all of the readers, whether you've ever commented or not. I could not have written this story without you, and although "thank you" hardly seems like words enough, it's all I have. 
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me.....or is chapter 27 not coming up? I mean, the link is there....but the text of the story is not. Hmmmm.

Krista said...

It's not just you. Blogger is apparently (again) having an issue with some browsers. If you have the option of using Firefox, try that (at least until they fix it.) It seems to be coming up fine there.

Sorry for the issue; I'm on my way to report it to Blogger's support.


Krista :)

Krista said...

Anon, please try again. I was able to get it to come up in Safari. Thanks for your patience :)


Judith Hogg said...

Thank you, loved this story.

Krista said...

Hi Judith!

Thank you so much; I'm so happy you enjoyed it :)

-Krista :)

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