The "Autumn Winds" Series

A/N: I've come to the realization that I now have enough stories for--gasp!---an actual series. (My thanks to Carole for the above graphic---isn't that gorgeous? :-) This is my attempt to keep the stories in the same universe more or less organized. I have no idea how long the series will be or how many stories I'll write in this universe, but here are the ones I've written so far (or am in the process of writing now.) Enjoy, and thanks so much for reading! :-)

December, 2010 - Written for Winterfest Online 2011
A fall just before Vincent and Catherine's second Winterfest makes Vincent reevaluate where they've been and where they're going. Rated G.

When Fall Comes to New England
September, 2009-January, 2010
Vincent and Catherine's excellent adventure, in which quite a lot of things go wrong...and right. Rated R for mature (as in, "not safe for work") content in a few chapters and some profanity.

September, 2010-March, 2013
The sequel to "When Fall Comes to New England." what's meant to be. Rated PG-13 to R for mature (as in, "not safe for work") content in some chapters (these chapters are clearly marked.)

Cliffs of Fall
December, 2010 - written for Winterfest Online 2011
Vincent and Catherine reunite after she comes back from a business trip. Rated R.

February, 2014-
The sequel to "Providence." A few months after the end of "Providence," Vincent and Catherine begin to learn that marriage was only the start of the adventure. Rated PG-13 to R for mature (as in, "not safe for work") content in a few chapters. These chapters are clearly marked.

The Squeak Heard 'Round the Tunnels
September, 2010
(This link takes you to another site.) Originally written for the Everything....prompt from "Labyrinths," this is a moment of utter fluff shortly after Vincent and Catherine marry. Rated G.

Once Upon a Galaxy
May, 2013- written for the 2013 conzine I Bid My Heart to Follow.
Vincent, Catherine and things which glow in the dark. Rated a mild R for naughty fluff.

20 Things: Catherine
February, 2010
20 Things: Vincent
March, 2010
These two are not really stories in the traditional sense. They are moments out of Vincent and Catherine's life together, covering some---but not all---of the events of their first two years as a married couple. Rated PG-13. 

November, 2012
Early Thanksgiving morning in the tunnels. Pure fluff. Rated G.

These Are the Days
February, 2013
(This link takes you to another site.) Originally written for Winterfest Online 2013, this story is part of "Reflections," a series of stories inspired by Chan's art. "These are the days that will last've got to hold them in your heart." ~Van Morrison
Everything That Is

July, 2011
(This link takes you to another site) Originally written for the Petite Poetry Project on
Everything.... Vincent, Catherine, leaking pipes and their teething child. Family fluff. Rated G.

May, 2015 -Originally written for the 2015 conzine, Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
Throughout the year, Vincent and Catherine follow the sun. Mild R. 


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