Summary: Vignettes on the senses.

Rating: Classic, PG. This story is a continuing Classic story, which means that Season 3 never happened.

Author's Note: These vignettes would not have been as they are without the continuing support and help of the lovely Carole, Vicky and Laura. Ladies, I salute you.

A/N: Since I finished writing "Sensation," the muse has pulled me off into many other stories, and away from the sequel I'd planned. I don't know, at this point, when I'll be returning to this universe, but I did write another story in it, for the BeastCon 2010 conzine. It's called "No Shadow of Another" and is now posted here.(Yes. It's "that scene" from the "Taste" chapter. :-D)

My thanks again for continuing to read my stories (and your continued patience waiting for the "last chapter" of "Sensation.") I appreciate you all more than words can say. :-)

Chapter 1: Touch
Chapter 2: Smell
Chapter 3: Hearing
Chapter 4: Taste
Chapter 5: Sight


RomanticOne said...

Works for me. I'm always ready for a new story about Vincent and Catherine by a talented writer.

Krista said...

Awwww...shucks. :0) Thanks so much for reading and for following me this far. :)

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