Welcome to my fanfiction chamber :)

Come on in, sit down, light a candle (but be careful of the books---we don't want a fire.)

Here you will find my fanfiction from the 1987-1989 TV series "Beauty and the Beast" as well as fanfiction in other universes (once I get around to getting those posted.) Have some tea, relax and enjoy. And if I've written something that moves you---or even something that makes you scratch your head---let me know.

I've written under a couple of pen names in my fanfic career--if you read anything by Roisin Fraser in the "Star Trek: The Original Series" fandom, that was me. In the "Beauty and the Beast," I write under the pen name of Aliset. The bottom line is, I enjoy writing about these characters and consider them the very best of comfortable friends. I hope you enjoy reading my stories about them too.

Regarding the time-line of my "Beauty and the Beast" stories: the stories I write are Continuing Classic, which means the third season, 3S, The Season Which Shall Not Be Named, or however you wish to describe it, never happened.

2/18/16: AACK. I can't believe it's been almost six months since I posted. :-O First of all, in reassurance to everyone who is still reading, "Inheritance" will be finished. It is not going on hiatus, nor is it going to be an abandoned WIP. I've had rather a lot of Real Life gunking up my fantasy life, but I'm doing my best to get back on a regular posting schedule.  

While you're waiting for my next chapter, please enjoy this story, which I wrote for last year's conzine. :-)

For Chan. May we all live as well and as fully.


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