Rating: Classic, PG-13 for mature themes, R for mature content in the very last section of the Epilogue

Summary: What happened in the cave, and after.

A/N: This is my take on the original third-season story-line. My thanks to Carole for her eagle-eyes, LauraG for her enthusiasm, and all of the ladies of the Thursday Night Club for those discussions. This story would not have been what it is without you all :-)

As an aside, "The Mirror Crack'd" and "Elysium" take place in the same universe. It's not necessary to have read "The Mirror Crack'd" to understand "Elysium."

Chapter 1: A Vision Softly Creeping
Chapter 2: Coming Forth by Day
Chapter 3: Companion to Our Demons
Chapter 4: All My Sins Remembered
Chapter 5: Like Silent Raindrops Fell
Chapter 6: The Sea of Waking Dreams
Chapter 7: And Echoed in the Well of Silence
Chapter 8: Into the Labyrinth
Chapter 9: Underneath My Lucid Skin
Chapter 10: Eternity in an Hour
Chapter 11: When the Evening Falls

Chapter 12: At the Crossroads I Am Standing
Chapter 13: When the Night Climbs Slow
Chapter 14: I to My Perils
Chapter 15: Of Cheat and Charmer

1. Through Fog and Stones
2. Between the Shadow and the Soul
3. Under All Silences

Author's Note: the last section of the Epilogue is rated R for mature content---it is not intended to be viewed by those under the age of 18, nor is it safe for work.

4. A War of Lightning

This is the end of "Elysium." As it stands now, I don't see myself writing any more stories in this particular universe--not when the sequel to "When Fall Comes to New England" is stomping its feet, waiting to be written---but...fool to say "never." My thanks to all of you who have read this story---your support and interest mean more to me than I can say. Thank you all, again.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved this episode, would love to hear/read more stories. Thank you for providing such a beautiful episode in this hopefully everlasting story. Looking forward to future tales. Keep up the good work, love, laughter and joy, Skippy

Krista said...

Hi Skippy,

I'm so happy you enjoyed this story--thank you for commenting :)

-Krista :)

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